My Wellness Journey Talk

Last Saturday, I was invited at the Lifescience Wellness Center to do a short talk on my wellness journey. Although there were only a handful of people who attended, it felt great to spread the word and hopefully inspire them to be healthy. I tried to make the talk fun and relatable. I simplified the... Continue Reading →

My Latest HBA1C Result

My first HBA1C reading in January was 7.10. That’s when my doctor told me that I have Diabetes. Determined to fuck the hell out of this disease, I did a complete lifestyle change — diet, exercise, and mindset. Last May, I had it tested again. The result of the second test was 6.10. It’s significantly... Continue Reading →

45 Fuckin’ Pounds!

Today I celebrate a milestone in my fight against Diabetes. When I checked the scale this morning, I found out that I've lost a total of 45 pounds since the time I was diagnosed. Wow! Now that's something, right? To celebrate, I'm posting a photo of me doing my workout today. Diabetes made me insulin... Continue Reading →

You need to want it.

    When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, I fought back the best way I know how at that time -- with a bike ride. It all starts from within. You need to will it to make it happen. Without this, everything will come crashing down and you will end up back to where you... Continue Reading →

Fucking Diabetes – The Journey So Far

It has been 156 days since I was diagnosed with diabetes. Since that time, I lost about 43 pounds, my blood glucose levels are back in the normal range, and overhauled my wardrobe and threw away my old clothes that are too big. Now I'm targeting to have my hypertension and high cholesterol medication dosages... Continue Reading →

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