As much as I'd like to party because of the merit increase, I can't. One of our new producers is still getting the salary of a message board moderator.


What are they selling?! Have you tried to listen to the lines of these young sampaguita vendors nowadays? I was waiting for the green light on my way home from the office at the corner of Timog Avenue and EDSA. "Sir, bilhin niyo na po ito nang makauwi na po ako," was what the young... Continue Reading →

Finally, the much awaited merit increase has been approved. We're just waiting for word on how much it is and when can we get it. The first time I heard the news, images of the latest Shimano XTR groupset flash to my mind. Ooooh! Love that stealth gray paint job. I really want to try... Continue Reading →

What I'm doing now is bullshit, but I'm still doing it anyway. Doesn't that make me stupid? I am writing down the reply messages for all my services for Globe's brochure, which, I strongly believe, is a total waste of my time. With this comprehensive list, chances are my keywords will get drowned anyway.

I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing but I'm back. Isang Fabilioh naman jan! First things first, how the hell did we do that?! the game was all tied up at the end of the third quarter. Then, as if we're in a sugar overload rampage, it was raining... Continue Reading →

I'll be on leave for two more weeks, and there's no phone line at home (damn PLDT) so I won't know anything happening on the net. If you want to get in touch, just text.

Thank God for weekends! End of hell week. I know it's going to be another one next week, but I don't want to think about it. Right now let my mind shut down.

Tiny's Quotable Quote " Ummm, Jovs. Last question: What's the channel again of PCTV?" Putang ina! I can't believe she asked me this! How bobo can she get?! I would've excused her if she weren't working in the team, but she is. What does this mean? That she hasn't even checked out the channel at... Continue Reading →

I thought I could take a week-long leave with my boss back from his three-week hiatus in Spain. but I think have to do a rain check on that one with all the stuff we're coming up with. I'd probably get a one or two-day break just to get my act back together for the... Continue Reading →

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