My Thoughts on our Final Year

If the Mayans are correct and 2012 is truly our last year on Earth, wouldn't it be great if we would mark the last year of our civilization with peace and harmony? Wouldn't it be awesome that even for just one year, there won't be any hungry mouths to feed anymore? Wouldn't it be wonderful... Continue Reading →


Swing Kids

I just watched the 1993 film Swing Kids starring Robert Sean Leonard and Christian Bale among others, and I do believe that it's one of the most beautiful films of that year. It's about a bunch of kids in Hamburg, Germany during the time of the Nazis. It's truly wonderful. Watch it if you can.... Continue Reading →

Killing me softly

On a flight back to Manila after a five-day adventure in Beijing. Even though I'm sleepy, I'm having a hard time sleeping as the leg room and everything else in this flight is really cramped. So I just decided to write this entry and post it once I land, or at least get a decent... Continue Reading →

Graham might get laid

It seems like our dear old Graham has a chance to get laid, finally. My friend's dog, Summer, is in heat, and she saw how handsome our boy is. Now we only have to iron out the logistics for the two to meet. I'm excited. Keep your fingers crossed.

Gong Cha Philippines

Our heart leapt out today when we saw a picture of a Gong Cha stand on Facebook and discovered that the owner is Gong Cha Philippines. We immediately asked our friends from Facebook and Twitter where that picture is. We were guessing that it's somewhere in Makati, probably in the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Gong Cha... Continue Reading →

The Obsessive-Compulsive Me

I guess I am a bit obsessive-compulsive when it comes to making the house neat and tidy. It's already 1:33 in the morning and I can't stop myself from doing a quick sweep of the floor, changing the sheets, washing the dishes and putting things where they belong. I think tomorrow I'll wash the rest... Continue Reading →

NBI Shit

I'm currently having lunch here at Burger King SM City Marikina. I went to two NBI kiosks already to have my NBI clearance renewed but the lines were just too fucking long. The first one was in SM Megamall. The kiosk was stationed at the basement level but the line goes all the way up... Continue Reading →

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