Exploring God. Exploring My Faith.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my faith in God. And I believe that’s this is good – to question and explore it further rather than settling at what priests and religion teachers tell you about it. I’m thinking of sharing some of these thoughts in this blog. Now some of these may be crazy or stupid, some may be controversial, and others may be downright wrong. Allow me to do this, and for now just accept. It is my process. And sometimes something beautiful or thought-provoking may come out.


The fruits of one’s labor

I just saw a video of Domeng’s son graduating from De La Salle University with a Master’s Degree in Mathematics.

Even if he’s from a rival school, I can’t help but be proud with the accomplishment of both the person who went up the stage and the two individuals who worked terribly hard to see their son get that diploma. For a father who works as a small-time contractor and a mother who teaches nursing in the province, the joy must be overflowing.

Cheers to you, my good friend.

Learnings about Time

Note to self:
1. When someone says 10-ish, that’s a range from 10:00 to 10:59.
2. Sometimes, when someone says that they’ll be finished by 9:00, it’s just a suggested time.

The Correct Running Shoes For Me

In the interest of finding the correct running shoes for me, I went online and took the tests at the Mizuno Precision Fit. The result said that I’m a neutral runner and that I should go for shoes with cushioning. It also gave me some models to choose from. One of them that I liked was this:

Mizuno Wave Prophecy

It’s the Mizuno Wave Prophecy, and it’s the brand’s priciest pair of running shoes at Php 8,900+.

So I went shoe hunting at SM Megamall to get myself one and start the road to fitness, but unfortunately (or fortunately, as you’ll later find out why), they don’t have it in my size. A quick check on their online system revealed an ever worse news — they don’t have a size 10.5 anywhere in the metro. I was bummed.

A few weeks after while walking around Shangri-La Mall, I was surprised to discover that there’s a Runnr outlet inside the Toby’s Arena. I saw that they were doing a gait analysis on one of their customers, and thought that I should have mine analyzed as well. I had a dinner date with my brother, his fiancĂ©, and my wife at that time so I didn’t line-up, but I placed it in my To Do list.

Last Friday, while we were waiting for my friends at Sis to celebrate a birthday, I dropped by the Second Wind running store to check out the neutral running shoes they’re selling. As I was looking at the different models, one of their friendly sales staff offered me to have foot checked. Since it’s free, I obliged happily. The result of the test came as a surprise for me — instead of neutral shoes, I should be running on stability shoes! Wow! That explains why I was running well on the Nike Structure Triax almost three years ago.

They showed me severals models for my foot type, and I loved this one:

Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7

This is the Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7, and it’s for people with low arches like me. It’s way cheaper than the Prophecy at Php 5,800+. Not bad!

I would’ve bought this right then and there if I had the money, but I promised to return after payday. Maybe I can do a full analysis first at their Teacher’s Village store just to be sure.

My Brand New Messenger Bag

I bought the 11″ Thule molded EVA laptop sleeve from the Apple Store in Hong Kong and fell in love with it. It fits my Macbook like a glove that I thought, “wouldn’t it be great if it has a matching bag to go along with it?” I went online and found this Thule Crossover messenger bag. Long story short, I pulled out my credit card, purchased the bag, and had it shipped to my friends at Johnny Air.

Well, I just picked up the bag from Johnny Air this afternoon and immediately migrated all the stuff from my old US Postal Pro Cycling Team bag.

I’m going for a full test run tomorrow when I bring it to work, but till then, check out the photos that I took:
The Thule Crossover Messenger Bag
The Thule Crossover Messenger Bag
The Thule Crossover Messenger Bag
The Thule Crossover Messenger Bag

See the other photos of my new messenger bag in my Flickr account.

Turning Thirty Five

I can’t believe I’m turning 35 this month. It doesn’t seem like I’ve been living in this world for that long. I think I would need a long ride soon to celebrate life.

My Thoughts on our Final Year

If the Mayans are correct and 2012 is truly our last year on Earth, wouldn’t it be great if we would mark the last year of our civilization with peace and harmony? Wouldn’t it be awesome that even for just one year, there won’t be any hungry mouths to feed anymore? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone has a place they can call home? In our last year as the human race, wouldn’t it be right to treat everyone with kindness and love?

I think we have the power to do that. And I think we can start now. We don’t need any formal organization to make this happen. All it takes is just one step.