Exploring God. Exploring My Faith.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my faith in God. And I believe that's this is good - to question and explore it further rather than settling at what priests and religion teachers tell you about it. I'm thinking of sharing some of these thoughts in this blog. Now some of these may... Continue Reading →


The fruits of one’s labor

I just saw a video of Domeng's son graduating from De La Salle University with a Master's Degree in Mathematics. Even if he's from a rival school, I can't help but be proud with the accomplishment of both the person who went up the stage and the two individuals who worked terribly hard to see... Continue Reading →

Learnings about Time

Note to self: 1. When someone says 10-ish, that's a range from 10:00 to 10:59. 2. Sometimes, when someone says that they'll be finished by 9:00, it's just a suggested time.

My Brand New Messenger Bag

I bought the 11" Thule molded EVA laptop sleeve from the Apple Store in Hong Kong and fell in love with it. It fits my Macbook like a glove that I thought, "wouldn't it be great if it has a matching bag to go along with it?" I went online and found this Thule Crossover... Continue Reading →

Turning Thirty Five

I can't believe I'm turning 35 this month. It doesn't seem like I've been living in this world for that long. I think I would need a long ride soon to celebrate life.

My Thoughts on our Final Year

If the Mayans are correct and 2012 is truly our last year on Earth, wouldn't it be great if we would mark the last year of our civilization with peace and harmony? Wouldn't it be awesome that even for just one year, there won't be any hungry mouths to feed anymore? Wouldn't it be wonderful... Continue Reading →

Swing Kids

I just watched the 1993 film Swing Kids starring Robert Sean Leonard and Christian Bale among others, and I do believe that it's one of the most beautiful films of that year. It's about a bunch of kids in Hamburg, Germany during the time of the Nazis. It's truly wonderful. Watch it if you can.... Continue Reading →

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