Moving Out

After four years, we'll be moving out of dear old La Vista village to finally live on our own. We've been toying about the idea for a long time already, but it's only now that we decided to really go for it.For me, it's a mix of excitement and fear. It's exciting because it's a... Continue Reading →


I was watching Rambo on Star Movies. She came in the room. She doesn't like Rambo. She pulled out the plug when I refused to give her the remote.She expects me to pay for her food delivery because she doesn't have any money. That is not fucking right.Now she asks if I can take her... Continue Reading →

Silver Linings

What a tiring day it was. I had three meetings today but I'm glad I was able to cross out a number of items in my to-do list. Projects are starting to pile up. I think there are mire than eight of them on my lap and each one wants to be on top priority,... Continue Reading →

L4 Blues

I tried to ignore it but I just can't. That guy is an L4, and those answers just don't fit the level. How he can report to all of us without knowing his numbers, or more so, without knowing his business, is beyond my comprehension. "I don't know" and "nothing" are just unacceptable.He's probably getting... Continue Reading →

Welcome June!

I am welcoming June by blogging in bed using the iPod Touch. I should be getting up to prepare to go to work. Should. Well, I'm still here dilly dallying.I didn't realize that the Online Ops' outing at Punta Fuego was tiring until we arrived in Manila late Saturday night. I am grateful that we... Continue Reading →

"I'm getting ready, getting ready. Oh boy! What a day it's gonna be!" Yes, it's the Milo theme.

Thinking of converting to tubeless for our Sunday ride. What do you guys think?

Butt still hurts from yesterday's ride. I better ride some more to bring the kalyo back! Hahaha!

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