On Being Connected and Walking Adventures

I find it wonderful that I choose to walk to the station and ride the MRT rather than waiting in line for a cab to go home. It's nowhere near riding a bus, an FX or a jeepney, but this still makes me feel connected to the masses somehow. And if I wasn't wearing my... Continue Reading →

My Passport Ordeal

Finally my new passport is on its way back to the US Embassy to have my 10-year tourist visa stamped on it. That was quite an ordeal. To make the story short, here's what happened: We applied for a tourist visa last May 2010 and got approved. Few days after, I got a call from... Continue Reading →

On Passports and Visas

I spent one and a half hours in the Department of Foreign Affairs today to have my passport replaced. I would say that was relatively fast and less stressful, but then again I took the travel agency route instead of booking an appointment online myself. If I opted for the other route, it would've been... Continue Reading →

The Hong Kong trip

I can't sleep. Must be because I'm excited with our Hong Kong trip. I need to wake up in less than 30 minutes to shower and get ready, and yet here I am trying to get some shut eye. This is futile. It's going to be a first that I'm traveling out if country with... Continue Reading →

Back to Batangas Again

It felt great to visit Batangas again after a long time. I didn't know how much I actually missed the place until I was there. As we drove the extended section of the STAR tollway, I was in awe as to how much the province has changed over the years. We went to Laiya in... Continue Reading →

Hello Sillypore!

I set the alarm to 7:30 a.m. but I woke up early. It's not a big surprise for me right now. It happened to me the last time I was here. I guess being in another country gives me a built-in alarm clock.So I'm here again in Singapore, or as my friend calls it, "Sillypore".... Continue Reading →

The Singapore Chronicles: The Amazing Race

We had quite an adventure yesterday after learning about the strong typhoon in Manila. There were no advisories from Cebu Pacific. Their website didn’t say anything, no one’s answering the phone from their offices here, and we can’t get through their offices in Manila. So to play it safe, we rebooked again to the Wednesday... Continue Reading →

The Singapore Chronicles: Ticket Mix Up

It was really a blessing in disguise that I brought my laptop to Singapore instead of dropping it off in the house or we would’ve had a more difficult time rebooking our flight. It was an honest mistake, really. Charo bought tickets for the Sunday 12:05 a.m. flight thinking that it was for Monday early... Continue Reading →

I know I'm excited for the trip tonight but I have to tone it down and focus on today's workday before I leave the office at 3:00 p.m. There are still a number of things to do, starting with the lighter color studies for this project.Well, the bag's packed since last night. Although I only... Continue Reading →

Singapore again, lah!

I'm excited. I can't believe I'm going back to Singapore tomorrow evening for a nice weekend in the land of chicken rice and Sim Lim. It's a new thing for me this time as I'll be flying with Cebu Pacific and land on the Budget Terminal. I've seen the place a number of times from... Continue Reading →

Alabang Drive

Yesterday's drive to Alabang was terrible. I was hoping that it would be a bit lighter. Apparently it was the opposite when I touched South not-so- Highway coming from C5. There was really no single cause for the crawl from Nichols to Alabang. The volume of vehicles traversing the outdated highway was just too much.I... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Cebu!

I'm blogging from one of the tables of Bo's Coffee Club in the Cebu-Mactan International Airport. We just checked in our luggages and got our boarding passes. Now we're just waiting for our 5pm before we go in the pre-departure area.The airport here, though small, is considerably better than its counterparts in Manila. I'm talking... Continue Reading →

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