Exploring God. Exploring My Faith.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my faith in God. And I believe that’s this is good – to question and explore it further rather than settling at what priests and religion teachers tell you about it. I’m thinking of sharing some of these thoughts in this blog. Now some of these may be crazy or stupid, some may be controversial, and others may be downright wrong. Allow me to do this, and for now just accept. It is my process. And sometimes something beautiful or thought-provoking may come out.


The fruits of one’s labor

I just saw a video of Domeng’s son graduating from De La Salle University with a Master’s Degree in Mathematics.

Even if he’s from a rival school, I can’t help but be proud with the accomplishment of both the person who went up the stage and the two individuals who worked terribly hard to see their son get that diploma. For a father who works as a small-time contractor and a mother who teaches nursing in the province, the joy must be overflowing.

Cheers to you, my good friend.