What? January’s not over yet?!

I was going to blog and say something like "And that was January" until I figured it's still January today. The 31st to be exact. So this darn month isn't over yet and there's still one more day to go before we start with a clean slate, more or less.I'm glad the last day fell... Continue Reading →


Yesterday was the day when told members of my team that I'm transferring to handle another team. I tried very hard not to show it but the whole experience was a bit sad for me. I've been with them for more than a year and, before this new table of organization was announced, I had... Continue Reading →

The Zoobic Adventure

We were supposed to go to Enchanted Kingdom after our long storycon, but we had to change our plans on the last minute because of the weather. The team was thinking of just going to the mall or maybe just having lunch at a nice resto but I figured there was still a lot that... Continue Reading →

On Celebrators and Celebrants

I got pissed with our HR today when I saw the list of birthday celebrators for the month of November. Not only was it posted late, it was also incomplete. It's Pink's birthday on the 12th but it wasn't there on the list. This is not the first time it happened. Nap and EJ's birthdays... Continue Reading →

Down from the hill

I'm glad I'm finally home after the two-day planning for our initiatives next year. Even though we were all seated in the room almost the whole time, it was tiring and quite draining. We had to line up our plans, put timelines, know what type of technology we need, and then, of course, project how... Continue Reading →

The Return of Magasin?

From web we came and to web we shall return.Oh dear oldies, remember Magasin - your little community section in dear old ABS-CBN.com, which we ported to PinoyCentral? Well, now that we're absorbing ABS-CBN Global's website, I'm bring back this section, albeit with a different title.No timelines yet as we're still presenting the wireframes for... Continue Reading →

Storycon Mania

Tomorrow is the great storycon day for the team. From Monday to Thursday, we only plan for the next day's content. Fridays are different. During this day, we have to plan for the next three days - Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The exercise really drains you especially on slow showbiz news days. I'm just glad... Continue Reading →

Hello Sillypore!

I set the alarm to 7:30 a.m. but I woke up early. It's not a big surprise for me right now. It happened to me the last time I was here. I guess being in another country gives me a built-in alarm clock.So I'm here again in Singapore, or as my friend calls it, "Sillypore".... Continue Reading →


I'm up already but I'm still having a hard time pushing myself to take a shower. It's probably the cold weather. So today's Project Management day for me. It's a 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. gig at the 13th floor together with Magic Tiongson. I'm praying it would be as fun as my last workshop.

Here We Go

So hell week begins.Reminds me of college when finals and the deadlines all pile up in the last week of semester. Well, it's been eleven years since college but today feels kinda like that.What's good is that they've finally taken notice (well, at least she did) of what we're doing and how important we are... Continue Reading →

Sosyal! Networking!

Tomorrow, I'll be attending the Social Networking and eBusiness Conference Philippines 2008 at the Hotel Intercontinental in Makati City. It's the first of its kind in this country so I'm sure it's going to be pretty refreshing. I just hope that the speakers stay away from just reading the Powerpoints and make it more radically... Continue Reading →

Goin’ Nuts on Apple

It seems the Apple bug is slowly infecting people in the office. First, it was the now-defunct Big Dipper with their Power Mac G4s, then it was Gramps with his iBook. Now there are more and more people in the office using Macs. There's me, Gwen, Mia, Charles, a couple of guys from Solucient and... Continue Reading →

Fact of Office Life Number 01

I just finished the first of one and a half days of the Kepner-Tregoe Engineering the Performance System workshop and I came into this realization - the HR department will be the first one to panic if Microsoft pulls out clip-art from their Office suite.

A Herd Roasted Chicken

"And I'm getting the HERD roasted chicken, please!"So this must be good for a group of four to eight people. It's a herd, right? Oh wait! It's the herd that roasted the chicken. Ahhh! I get it!Don't you just love the Philippines for their humor? This was taken from the menu of Petrus Cafe, a... Continue Reading →

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