It’s not the iPhone

Globe is offering the iPhone in the Philippines. News of this came out yesterday. So what else is new? It just confirms last year's rumors. What I'm really excited of is the possibility of finally opening the iTunes Music Store in this country because of this device. Yeah baby!

Gastos Bug?

I finally got to see and touch the Sony Ericsson W960i. I dropped by the Sony Ericsson booth at Megamall's Cyberzone after paying the landline and water bills. I thought it would be out of stock or something as this was always the case, so I was shocked when the sales person showed it to... Continue Reading →

There You Are!

Oh hello, iPod! It seemed like a long time since I last saw you. I guess you can blame it on wizard Steve Jobs and his merry men of designers. They gave you a very sexy body with a really shiny back – very beautiful. But this is your curse. They guaranteed that you’ll be... Continue Reading →

Leopard Love: Reason 2

Everything's so simple, I'm just so amazed, and because of that I'm sounding like an Apple fanboy! So you shoot videos using Pure Digital's Flip Video Ultra and you have means to share these on YouTube or Kyte. Now comes the missing link - Apple's iMovie from the iLife '08 suite.It's so easy that I... Continue Reading →

Going Multimedia

I've been going to my friends' blogs looking for new updates from them when I realized I haven't blogged for this year. Like Bea, it has nothing to do with the lack of content but more on just plain laziness. So as late as it may seem, let me greet you a Happy New Year... Continue Reading →

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