On Swimming, Christmas Parties, Having a Full Day and Joining Bike Rides

My body is aching from yesterday's swim. I only did three laps but it seems like I did more. I should relearn how to relax in the water again. Yesterday was the Outing/Christmas party of the office, and we did it in 8 Waves. It was fun and a very welcome change from the previous... Continue Reading →

Back to La Mesa

Today was a great mountain bike ride in the La Mesa Nature Reserve. At first it was supposed to be with Marose and the rest of the Kapamilya bikers but we eventually ended joining the merry band of Globe bikers instead.Yes, that's a we - me and Jun Punzal, our admin officer in the office.... Continue Reading →

Gastos Bug?

I finally got to see and touch the Sony Ericsson W960i. I dropped by the Sony Ericsson booth at Megamall's Cyberzone after paying the landline and water bills. I thought it would be out of stock or something as this was always the case, so I was shocked when the sales person showed it to... Continue Reading →

Going Multimedia

I've been going to my friends' blogs looking for new updates from them when I realized I haven't blogged for this year. Like Bea, it has nothing to do with the lack of content but more on just plain laziness. So as late as it may seem, let me greet you a Happy New Year... Continue Reading →

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