Upgrading my iMac’s Memory

I’ve been editing my movies using iMovie on our mid-2011 iMac. Lately, it’s beginning to show its age — it takes a while to launch the application, and it often hangs.

I don’t have the budget for a new one so I opted for the next best thing — upgrade the memory!

The stock set up runs at 4 GB RAM. It was awesome at that time, but with the processing power needed now to edit my “awesome” home movies, it can’t keep up.

I went to Amazon and bought myself four of these babies:


Then, I went to YouTube and looked for a how-to-install video. I found this:

From 4 GB, my iMac now has 16 GB of memory! I can’t wait to give it a test run!


The Mac VGA adapter Lender

Yesterday late afternoon, a stranger approached me. She introduced herself and told me that she’s from one of the TV Production units. They’re going to present to one of company’s top executives in a few minutes and they don’t have a Mac VGA adapter. She’s asking if she can borrow mine.

She seemed to look desperate, so I lent it to her. I took her name, the TV Production unit she belongs to, and her phone number.

This morning, I was expecting to see the adapter on my table, but it wasn’t there.

I called her. She didn’t pick up. I called her again. No one answered. I dialed her nine times. No one.

I texted her. I asked her for my Mac adapter.

She replied after 10 minutes. She was on her way to work so she wasn’t able to pick up my calls. She said that the presentation finished late. When she went to my table to return it, I already left.


My thought bubble from this small incident:

  • I know what you’re thinking — it’s just an adaptor. Yes, it is, but it’s not the company’s. They didn’t provide us with these things so I bought one myself. At P1,490, it’s not cheap either.
  • Should I have asked for a security deposit?

Upgraded my Macbook’s HD to 500GB

I upgraded my Macbook’s hard drive to 500GB and, with the help of my Time Machine back-up, I was able to get it up to speed in just a few hours. It was such a wonderful experience with the Mac’s step by step process that I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

All I did was
(1) Installed the new Seagate hard drive
(2) Inserted my Snow Leopard installer DVD
(3) Formatted the new HD to Mac Journaled
(4) Clicked on Restore Using Time Machine
(5) inserted the Time Machine external HD
(6) left it to install what needs to be installed


Widget Smidget

I’m blogging via my Mac’s Blogger widget. Now I don’t know if this will get published so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Update: Didn’t work that well. Probably it’s because I’m out of space in my Tripod account.

Goin’ Nuts on Apple

It seems the Apple bug is slowly infecting people in the office. First, it was the now-defunct Big Dipper with their Power Mac G4s, then it was Gramps with his iBook. Now there are more and more people in the office using Macs. There’s me, Gwen, Mia, Charles, a couple of guys from Solucient and one or two from News/Newsbreak using MacBooks or PowerBooks. What’s so cool is Connie’s thinking of getting a MacBook Air for work and Miguel had exploratory talks with Apple on using Macs in the workplace. Really good news.

Leopard Love: Reason 2

Everything’s so simple, I’m just so amazed, and because of that I’m sounding like an Apple fanboy!

So you shoot videos using Pure Digital’s Flip Video Ultra and you have means to share these on YouTube or Kyte. Now comes the missing link – Apple’s iMovie from the iLife ’08 suite.

It’s so easy that I was able to make a short wala lang movie from the footages I took in Nigel’s birthday party. Granted I still have tons to learn on editing and shit, but to do something like this with just dragging and putting texts blew my mind away. When I showed what I did to my wife, she was so jealous she can’t wait to have her own Mac.

Now if only we had this technology when we were shooting our short film in high school, then Lilim would have been chosen as the class film instead of that silly kidnap comedy.

Check out what I did in my Kyte channel.

To Ubuntu or not to Ubuntu

I’ve been toying with the idea of installing Ubuntu in my old Pentium desktop PC. Some of the tech guys in the office have changed their laptop’s OS to Ubuntu and not only was the user interface very nice, their machines were relatively faster.

To be absolutely honest, it really remind me of Mac OSX, only faster. O ha! Yes, they do have a version of spaces, but the way it transitions from one space to the other is very, very nice and smooth. As for other software, there’s no need to worry. Browsing will easily be handled by Firefox, while there’s OpenOffice for work stuff.

Still reading up on the facts from their website. Has anyone there tried it? More importantly, wanna do an Ubuntu project on my old PC? Show of hands, please.