An Office All-Nighter After A Long Time

I was here in the office at 8:20 in the morning for a conference call that didn't push through. It's 12:21 a.m. and I'm still here, making sure that the project I'm launching, hopefully in a bit, is acceptable. I remember our weekly all-nighters when I started working here. Romy was my boss and we... Continue Reading →

The Return of Magasin?

From web we came and to web we shall return.Oh dear oldies, remember Magasin - your little community section in dear old, which we ported to PinoyCentral? Well, now that we're absorbing ABS-CBN Global's website, I'm bring back this section, albeit with a different title.No timelines yet as we're still presenting the wireframes for... Continue Reading →

Leopard Love: Reason 1

I'm lovin' Leopard's new widget maker! It's so fuckin' easy to make a widget from almost any webpage. All you have to do is click on the Clip It button in Safari and select the part that you'd like to be your widget just like you would crop a picture, click on save and it's... Continue Reading →

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