I ran outside today!

Today I ran outside and it felt awesome. The truth of it is it has been 21 months since the last time I did anything outside.

We have a couple of seniors in the house and one has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease from a lifetime of smoking. So when the Pandemic hit, we had to pretty much lock ourselves in the house until things get a little bit in control.

Fast forward to several months, now that everyone in the household is vaccinated, there is some sense of relief that we are protected from the severe effects of COVID to a certain degree.

I ran for about two or three kilometers only today. It was more of a walk-jog actually. I find it hard to breathe with the mask on but I’d rather work with that than be forever stuck on the treadmill, watching virtual walks of Florence and Edinburgh.

To all of you out there doing what you can to bring some semblance of sanity amidst everything, stay strong. Let’s do this together.

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