You need to want it.



When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, I fought back the best way I know how at that time — with a bike ride.

It all starts from within. You need to will it to make it happen. Without this, everything will come crashing down and you will end up back to where you started.

I have to be honest with you. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was scared. I know how brutal it can be based from what I observe from my  mom. She may not seem to mind it anymore, but it bothered me when she would just pull out her Insulin injections from her purse and administer herself a shot before she eats.

Wait. What just happened? My mom injected herself with Insulin without batting an eyelash? She did it so casually as if it was just washing her hands. And she didn’t even excuse herself from the table to go to restroom. She administered her injections right there!

People say that if it’s in your genes, then there’s a big chance of you getting diabetes. It’s fate, they say.

Well, I don’t want that for me. I don’t want to be taking Metformin pills and then graduate to Insulin shots after a few years. There has to be another way, and I’m going to do all that I can so that I don’t end up like my mom.

This is how my war against diabetes started. This is why it’s perfectly fine with me to stop and do a complete overhaul of my lifestyle. This is why I’m OK to do cold turkey on  pizzas, ice creams, and burritos without even thinking that I’ll be deprived.

For me, this is a life or death thing. And I don’t want to choose the latter.

Fuck you, Diabetes.

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