The Correct Running Shoes For Me

In the interest of finding the correct running shoes for me, I went online and took the tests at the Mizuno Precision Fit. The result said that I’m a neutral runner and that I should go for shoes with cushioning. It also gave me some models to choose from. One of them that I liked was this:

Mizuno Wave Prophecy

It’s the Mizuno Wave Prophecy, and it’s the brand’s priciest pair of running shoes at Php 8,900+.

So I went shoe hunting at SM Megamall to get myself one and start the road to fitness, but unfortunately (or fortunately, as you’ll later find out why), they don’t have it in my size. A quick check on their online system revealed an ever worse news — they don’t have a size 10.5 anywhere in the metro. I was bummed.

A few weeks after while walking around Shangri-La Mall, I was surprised to discover that there’s a Runnr outlet inside the Toby’s Arena. I saw that they were doing a gait analysis on one of their customers, and thought that I should have mine analyzed as well. I had a dinner date with my brother, his fiancé, and my wife at that time so I didn’t line-up, but I placed it in my To Do list.

Last Friday, while we were waiting for my friends at Sis to celebrate a birthday, I dropped by the Second Wind running store to check out the neutral running shoes they’re selling. As I was looking at the different models, one of their friendly sales staff offered me to have foot checked. Since it’s free, I obliged happily. The result of the test came as a surprise for me — instead of neutral shoes, I should be running on stability shoes! Wow! That explains why I was running well on the Nike Structure Triax almost three years ago.

They showed me severals models for my foot type, and I loved this one:

Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7

This is the Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7, and it’s for people with low arches like me. It’s way cheaper than the Prophecy at Php 5,800+. Not bad!

I would’ve bought this right then and there if I had the money, but I promised to return after payday. Maybe I can do a full analysis first at their Teacher’s Village store just to be sure.

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