Gong Cha Philippines

Gong Cha Stand in Singapore

Our heart leapt out today when we saw a picture of a Gong Cha stand on Facebook and discovered that the owner is Gong Cha Philippines. We immediately asked our friends from Facebook and Twitter where that picture is. We were guessing that it’s somewhere in Makati, probably in the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

Gong Cha was our staple when we were in Hong Kong last year. Never would a day pass that we did not have at least one glass of their popular milk teas.

Doing more research on the web, we discovered that the name of the franchiser is Andrew Ong. He replied to a blog post back in November last year that they’re building one somewhere in the Metro.

Not content, I searched for the guy on Facebook and messaged him to confirm if there truly is an existing Gong Cha stand somewhere in Manila. To my surprise, he replied to me after a few minutes. Apparently the picture we saw is just a sample stand somewhere in Singapore, but they’re starting construction of the first Gong Cha store in the Philippines. He said he’ll let me know once it opens.

Awesome! It looks like the milk tea wars is about to get tougher. I can’t wait!

Are you a big Gong Cha fan just like us? Join their Facebook page now!

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  1. hi! would you know if this company is open for franchise? if so, to whom shall I make the necessary arragements?

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