NBI Shit

I’m currently having lunch here at Burger King SM City Marikina. I went to two NBI kiosks already to have my NBI clearance renewed but the lines were just too fucking long.

The first one was in SM Megamall. The kiosk was stationed at the basement level but the line goes all the way up to the fourth level. I figured, I will never line up for that.

The second one was at the Riverbanks in Marikina. The line was shorter but they only service up to 700 people a day, and the numbers are all given away.

Just got a call from Dennis saying that the NBI satellite office at Park Square might be a better option for me. I don’t know. For one, I’m not aware that there’s one in that area. Well, since my day is a big fail so far, why not go down with a bang?

Makati, here I come!


The NBI kiosk at Park Square is a godsend. Unlike my experience with SM Megamall and Riverbanks, the process here is blazingly fast. It took me fifteen minutes or less to get my NBI clearance renewed. Now isn’t that awesome?

There were two lines: the first one is where you submit your old NBI clearance form, and the second one is where they take your pictures. That’s it. The last part is just affixing your right thumbmark to the form, and you’re out the door.

For those who are thinking of renewing your NBI clearance, better bring a your personal copy. If you lost it or you don’t have one, better head your way to the main office in Manila instead.

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  1. J,

    Park Square is opposite the Dusit Hotel and at the back of SM Makati.

    I can’t say as to what’s the best time to go there as I’ve only been there once.

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