My Passport Ordeal

Finally my new passport is on its way back to the US Embassy to have my 10-year tourist visa stamped on it. That was quite an ordeal.

To make the story short, here’s what happened:

  • We applied for a tourist visa last May 2010 and got approved.
  • Few days after, I got a call from the embassy asking me to send a new passport. The birthdate on my current passport is incorrect.
  • Discovered that having my passport replaced was such a hassle because I had to get the following documents: my birth certificate, my baptismal certificate, a notarized affidavit and even my college transcript. What the heck! It took me a couple of months to get all these documents. I still have work, ya know?
  • Submitted these to my travel agent in July and they booked me for an appointment with the DFA in September!
  • Got my new passport yesterday and sent it back to the embassy today.

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