On Passports and Visas

I spent one and a half hours in the Department of Foreign Affairs today to have my passport replaced. I would say that was relatively fast and less stressful, but then again I took the travel agency route instead of booking an appointment online myself. If I opted for the other route, it would’ve been a Jabbar fest.

Actually I wasn’t due for a passport replacement until 2014, but it was when I applied for a renewal of my US visa when they discovered that the birthdate on my passport was incorrect. Wonderful. Well, at least my visa’s approved. They just wouldn’t give it to me until I had it corrected.

I’ll be getting my new passport in about 12 working days. That’s about October 11, 2010. Then I have to send it via courier to the US Embassy to have my visa attached.

I just hope all this passport brouhaha gets finished before the year ends.

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