An Office All-Nighter After A Long Time

I was here in the office at 8:20 in the morning for a conference call that didn’t push through. It’s 12:21 a.m. and I’m still here, making sure that the project I’m launching, hopefully in a bit, is acceptable.

I remember our weekly all-nighters when I started working here. Romy was my boss and we would stay till three in the morning, churning out community stats for the mancom come sun up. It was such a riot! I remember us messaging each other, asking if it would be rude to ask our boss if we could go home already. As far as I remember, it was Chegay, April, EJ, Aisa, Yoj, Fiesta, Romy, Dan, Moby and myself.

Those were the days.

Now, it’s just me, the guard and the staff of TFC Now! It’s not exactly the same. It’s quite far, to be honest. The barkada atmosphere isn’t here anymore.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me getting old.

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