My New Toy: SwitchEasy’s Runaway

I went to Singapore a couple of weeks ago for some R&R. There was really no itinerary for me for the trip except to try out the xiao long bao from Din Tai Fung and the chicken rice from Wee Nam Kee. Shopping wasn’t really on top of the list even with all their malls because, frankly, it’s still more expensive there. Nonetheless, I was able to get myself two things that I’m very proud of: Lance Armstrong’s new book, My Comeback: Up Close and Personal and SwitchEasy’s Runaway Nike+ shoe sensor adaptor.

I’ve been doing some running. I started with Nike shoes but my foot got injured so I switched to Mizunos and I’ve been a happy runner since. The only downside of this set-up is there are no provisions in the shoe where I can insert the Nike+ sensor. I bought a shoe wallet to somehow address this issue, but I was still uncomfortable with the idea of the sensor being secured into position with a folded calling card and a rubber band.

Then I saw the SwitchEasy Runaway Nike+ sensor adaptor being sold in the EpiCentre store in the new Ion mall in Orchard Road. I was looking for this for a long time already. They used to sell this in the Power Mac store in Rockwell but they seemed to have removed it form their shelves. At that time, I was even playing with the idea of buying one from Amazon.

Of course this is a no-brainer. For just S$16.00 (~P524.00), I’m sold!

I’ve used it in three of my runs already and I have no complaints. It’s like there’s nothing there. I don’t feel any weight from it at all.

Check it out!

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