Back to Batangas Again

It felt great to visit Batangas again after a long time. I didn’t know how much I actually missed the place until I was there. As we drove the extended section of the STAR tollway, I was in awe as to how much the province has changed over the years.

We went to Laiya in San Juan, Batangas. Mia and Lawin were thinking of getting a place in Playa Laiya and Gel, Dennis’ wife, took us around and gave a low down on the choice lots on this new development by Landco.

The plan was to get homemade bread from Coco Grove on the way back and then do a slight detour to Batangas City for some Pansit Tikyano. Well, there was no bread because their machine was busted, according to the people from Coco Grove. As for the pansit, we opted to eat another Batangas specialty instead – Bulalo from Rose & Grace in Santo Tomas.

All in all, the trip was wonderful. We had fun all the way. The traffic was even cooperating with us as it was smooth sailing when we hit Alabang on the way home.

With this, I’m planning to have more long drives this year. No more ifs. No more buts.

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