Condo rules suck

It’s my first time to live in a condo, and in these few weeks that I’ve been here, all I can say is it sucks.

In our old place, you can have stuff delivered and assembled any time we want. Here, you can’t just do that. You got to get a gate pass from the administration building and a separate working permit that has to be approved by the building engineering department. In addition, no work is allowed on Sundays and work people should wear pants and shoes. What the fuck!

Just to illustrate, I bought a closet from one of the furniture shops at Market! Market! I had to put it on hold for a week because the first schedule fell on a Sunday (They don’t allow people to work on stuff on that day). It’s arriving today, but I had to call them up to say that they better hurry because the window for delivery and installation is until 5:00 p.m.

I hate it.

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