Style versus Substance

I knew that it wasn’t going to be alright but I had to see for myself if my yellow Nike Zoom Victory would be OK to wear again for my run. These are the dreaded running shoes that gave me an injury and made me stop running for a while to recover.

What was I thinking, right? Well, it’s plain and simple – the pair fits quite well with my full Nike outfit. And when I say full Nike outfit, I mean it’s the whole shebang – Nike+ shorts, Nike + iPod system, Nike running socks and a yellow sleeveless Livestrong dri-fit shirt. Now wouldn’t you say that that is perfect?

So I ran twice last week wearing the whole get-up. On the first night, it was OK. There was actually no pain on my left foot. I did a nice three-kilometer run to break the ice. Come the second night, the pain came after a little more than a kilometer. So my planned five-kilometer ran had to be cut really short as I walked home slowly so that I won’t injure myself further.

Learning my lesson not to compromise anything on my running shoes, I went back to my Mizuno Wave Precision 9 for tonight’s run. The first instant my foot hit the ground, I knew that I made the right decision. The cushioning was perfect and my feet didn’t feel cramped inside the shoes. I was actually enjoying the run.

I’m never going back to the Nikes again. (Well, at least for running shoes.)

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