What? January’s not over yet?!

I was going to blog and say something like “And that was January” until I figured it’s still January today. The 31st to be exact. So this darn month isn’t over yet and there’s still one more day to go before we start with a clean slate, more or less.

I’m glad the last day fell on a weekend or the madness would’ve been unbearable. The stress of this re-org with me heading a totally brand new team is slowly setting in and getting into my nerves. There are tons of things to do – sit down with News to know their process, write down the final individual job descriptions, cascade the new T.O., lay down the individual development plan, work on the big projects – the list goes on and on. 
I’m glad that our tandem has this unwritten code of taking things lightly. This makes the job at hand easier to swallow. I’m also happy that there’s no bad blood between us. Being friends, it’s actually quite hard to be officially reporting to someone even if it’s just on paper, and I’m relieved that we went through this process as maturely as we both can. We went through five T.O. drafts to finalize things, but at least we didn’t end up killing each other.

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