From one hospital to the next

My brother was discharged last Friday after a nine-day bout with Dengue. His platelets went down as low as 9,000 that we had an impromptu Amazing Race event. We had to call relatives and friends in the middle of the night, asking them if they have O+ blood and if they’re willing to be a donor to my brother.

He’s OK now, resting in his room for a few more days until he feels ready to go back to work. We thought that was the end of our hospital saga for 2009. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

Yesterday, it was my father-in-law’s turn to be admitted in the hospital. This time it’s for pneumonia. He went for a consultation with Charo’s pulmonologist in the morning because of a week-long cough. Something didn’t sound right as the doctor was listening to his lungs using his stethoscope. After a short trip to the radiology department and a few tests in the emergency room, the doctor told him that he has to be confined.

It was good that she was able to diagnose his condition early, nonetheless no one wants to be sick, more so admitted in a hospital.

We’ll be going there in a while to help mother-in-law with the chores of being the bantay. As usual we’ll be bringing snacks and drinks for his visitors.


What’s up with 2009, with all these hospital sessions? Are these signs of things we should expect for the year? I hope not.

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