My 2008 Highlights in Purchases

So it’s the last day of the year. In a few hours we’ll say goodbye to 2008 and welcome 2009 with open arms but with our fingers crossed. 2008 wasn’t exactly as fun and exciting as I hoped it would be. It was just OK.

I listed down a few highlights of the year in terms of what we bought.

IMG_29811. Graham. Of course. He’s the highlight of the whole year for me – that after a few years to toying around with the idea, we finally got a dog despite Charo’s mom’s apprehensions. Follow his development in pictures here, here and here.

2. The Nike Zoom Victory Shoe. I bought it about two or three months ago and it represents me slowly going into running. Actually it started this year when I bought a pair of Nike Air Structure Triax 10 on sale at Sports Warehouse. Then it got a little more serious when I bought a Nike+ iPod system and hooked it up to my iPod Nano. After eight months, I bought a lighter running shoe – and that’s the Nike Zoom Victory.

3. The Nokia E63. After more than two years, Charo has had enough of my dilapidated Nokia N70 and loaned me some money to buy the Nokia E63 and replace my old one. It’s a watered down version of their E71, but at P14,200 with wifi capability and a full qwerty keypad, I’m perfectly happy with it.

4 and 5. The Popcorn Hour and the Samsung HT-Z210 home theater system. These two totally revolutionized the way we enjoy our TV. We download the shows we want to watch on torrent (or we let Popcorn Hour do that for us) and then we watch it on out LCD TV with the audio hooked up to the home theater system via optical cable. Pure TV bliss. We’re now spoiled on watching our TV shows on full HD that we hardly watch cable anymore.

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