The Zoobic Adventure

We were supposed to go to Enchanted Kingdom after our long storycon, but we had to change our plans on the last minute because of the weather. The team was thinking of just going to the mall or maybe just having lunch at a nice resto but I figured there was still a lot that we can do for the day. The CR-V’s all ready and everyone’s all packed. Naturally, there’s one logical thing to do – ROADTRIP!

They had no idea where to go, so being the drive-happy person that I am, I told them we’re going to Subic. Now as to what we’re going to do there, we’d figure that out on the way.

Part of the highlight of the trip was actually trying out the new SCTEX. It was such a pleasure driving on that immaculate stretch of highway. Too bad it had a 100 kph speed limit or I would’ve given our ride a nasty cleaning exercise of its carbon build-up.

After some thinking, we decided we’re going to Zoobic.

So how was the adventure? It was so fun. We all had a blast! We managed to catch the last trip for the day and we made sure we’ve milked it for all it’s worth, taking lots of pictures whenever we can.

Check out the photos I took:

Mr. Officer, is that you? Tiger! Tiger! Too much lechon for one night, eh? Santa's Airforce Trainee Bearcat

For more of my photos, click here.

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