On Celebrators and Celebrants

I got pissed with our HR today when I saw the list of birthday celebrators for the month of November. Not only was it posted late, it was also incomplete.

It’s Pink’s birthday on the 12th but it wasn’t there on the list. This is not the first time it happened. Nap and EJ’s birthdays weren’t on the lists they posted a few months back.

So what is this? Do they draw lots to see which IJMs’ names get posted there? Is it because of the limited space? Just imagine yourself in the shoes of an IJM who’s not getting paid a lot. I wonder how you would feel when you see your name not on the list.

We don’t want a fancy birthday list on our company bulletin board. An excel sheet with the names and the dates will do. We’re all grown ups anyway. What’s important is that this list is posted on time and that everyone who should be there should be there, regardless if that person is the managing director or the office cleaner.

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