Retracing the Ani Mo, Ani Ko fun run course

The last time I ran the Ani Mo, Ani Ko fun run was in third year high school. The course what quite simple – from the high school parking lot, it takes you around the Bellarmine field then back to Masterson Drive, straight to Gate 2 and then around the Blue Eagle Gym going to the grade school parking area before taking a right to Masterson and straight back to the High School.

I was pretty much fit then with a more chiseled abs than what I have now. I didn’t have a timer then but I remembered I placed my ID in the 18 to 24 minutes box.

Fast forward to tonight. In celebration of the 2008 UAAP Basketball Championship (yeah right!), I decided to see how much time it will take me to run the same course. And so I did.

How did I do? Nothing really exciting. It’s just 17 minutes and 54 seconds. I think I can still push this further but now let me just bask in the glory of topping a personal best.

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