Nike + iPod: Not so stable

Now I know why Nike created the Sport Band. It’s because the Nike iPod connection isn’t really that stable. The white receiver that connects to the bottom of your iPod Nano can get loose.

Today’s supposed 10-kilometer Nike+ Human Race was cut short because my Nike+ set-up just stopped at the 5.13-kilometer run even though I ran for about 7 kilometers already. Disappointed, I just ended the workout and walked home.

Thinking about it, there are actually a lot of factors that can make things go wrong. If you use an armband, the constant flexing may compromise the connection. Sweat is also a big factor and may actually kill your iPod in the long run.

This is my second iPod Nano to go berzerk because of this set-up and, if they don’t build it in the new Nano, I doubt if it’ll be the last.

Now I’m kicking myself for not getting that cheap Nike+ Sports Band in Singapore.

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