The Singapore Trip: All Aboard!

I am waiting for Gate 6 to open so we could finally board our plane back to Manila. It’s my first time to see the departure area of the Budget Terminal and it’s not that bad at all. At first I thought it was between NAIA 1 and 2, but inside I’d say it could even give the latter a run for its money.

The extra day yesterday was spent in Sentosa together with Karen and Joebel. We were still unsure at first if we made the right decision in taking a tour package, but seeing the long queues for the non-chartered buses made us thank the heavens.

We met up in the hotel at about noon and had lunch in Yoshinoya at Central – a mall opposite the Swissotel Merchant Court in Clark Quay. At around 1:30 p.m., the tour company picked us up from the hotel lobby, brought us to their office at the foot of the Singapore Flyer to pay the fees, and then, together with other tourists, drove us up Mount Faber for our cable car ride to Sentosa.

I actually wouldn’t do justice if I write how the whole tour was so I wouldn’t even try. Instead, I would refer you to the video I took. (To be linked soon.)

We arrived in the hotel at little before nine in the evening. Charo went back to the hotel room while Karen and I rushed to Orchard for some last minute shopping. She got herself a nice bag from Muji, while I got three shirts on sale at Giordano for just S$5 each. Not bad at all. Dinner was chicken rice and chicken satay from the Newton Food Center.

The day was packed and tiring, but it was really fun.

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