The Singapore Chronicles: Ticket Mix Up

It was really a blessing in disguise that I brought my laptop to Singapore instead of dropping it off in the house or we would’ve had a more difficult time rebooking our flight.

It was an honest mistake, really. Charo bought tickets for the Sunday 12:05 a.m. flight thinking that it was for Monday early morning. I only noticed it when I checked it as I was lined up for immigration and immediately brought it to her attention.

We went online as soon as I arrived in our hotel room at Albert Court and got to move the flight to Monday early morning at 1:55 a.m. Of course there’s a pretty significant surcharge we had to pay as a consequence of our carelessness, but what’s important is we managed to do it and got our precious extra day back. What’s left is to have the confirmation emailed to the hotel’s business center address so they could print it. No sweat.

So it’s seven in the morning and I’m up and about. I can’t help it. Even though I slept at almost two, I always seem to wake up pretty early when I’m in a different place. I’m thinking of hitting the showers soon and get myself ready so I can go down and take pictures of good old Singapore before all the hustling and bustling starts.


Or I could just go back and hit the sack instead and recharge myself for a very, very busy day ahead.

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