Singapore again, lah!

I’m excited. I can’t believe I’m going back to Singapore tomorrow evening for a nice weekend in the land of chicken rice and Sim Lim. It’s a new thing for me this time as I’ll be flying with Cebu Pacific and land on the Budget Terminal. I’ve seen the place a number of times from the outside. This is going to be the first time for me to experience it. As much as I love their Changi Airport terminals, I’m not getting my hopes up for this one.

For this trip, I’m hoping to:
1. Finally get enough energy to go to each floor of Sim Lim in search of a good find. (I don’t know what that is, though.)
2. Visit their famous zoo, after enjoying the Night Safari
3. Go to Sentosa and check out their aquariums.
4. Maybe get to buy nice shoes to replace the old ones that I have.
5. Check out the red light district.
6. Shoot some nice pictures and videos.
7. Discover more food at the hawker centers.

Got any more suggestions?

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