Gastos Bug?

I finally got to see and touch the Sony Ericsson W960i. I dropped by the Sony Ericsson booth at Megamall’s Cyberzone after paying the landline and water bills. I thought it would be out of stock or something as this was always the case, so I was shocked when the sales person showed it to me. Wow! Finally. Really sweet. Now I’m in love. I think I will be replacing my Nokia N70 very, very soon.

Talking about shopping, I actually splurged on the web, buying running stuff from REI and a Garmin GPS 305 unit from Amazon. I’m sorry. Their offers were quite irresistible. As of press time, I bought a couple of Nike running shorts and dri-fit running shirts from REI, amd a Garmin 305 GPS unit, Flip Video bike mount and two iSkin Evo3s for my 5th generation iPod from Amazon. My in-laws are in Vegas so I’m really taking advantage.

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