Proud to be an Earth Hour participant

I am proud to say that we supported the Earth Hour in our house. When the clock struck the hour of eight in the evening, we turned off the air conditioner and lights in our room and joined Graham and my in-laws in the lanay to spend an hour with just flashlights, candles and a rechargeable radio.

I think we’re just one of the handful of people who participated along Marymount street in La Vista village. To be honest, I was very disappointed. Being a village of educated people, I was expecting more from them. Instead, our neighbors left and right still had their aircons and TVs running while we were enjoying each other’s company in the dark. Oh well.

On the bright side I am particularly proud of my in-laws. I was thinking that they would insist on having their lights on because “the neighbors’ lights are turned on anyway”, but when we explained the whole reason for this, they graciously turned off their lights and joined us.

I just hope that in the future, we won’t need events such as this to be conscious of our environment. It should come in naturally.

To those who joined the Earth Hour, cheers to all of you.

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