Temporary Relief

Whew! I was finally able to pay half of my credit card and my full mobile phone subscription bills yesterday and it felt so good. A big thank you to my mother-in-law (Yes, I am thankful I have great in-laws) for depositing my money to my checking account in Metrobank. Because of that, I was able to pay my bills online while I’m in the office. Now those collectors won’t be bothering me for a while.

I wouldn’t say that I don’t want to pay my bills. On the contrary, I really want to give them the money and get things over and done with so I won’t have to worry about anything anymore. It’s the hassle of transferring funds that more of a bottleneck for me. Before, when I was working in that not-so-start-up company, I would get my salary from the same back. So all I had to do was transfer from one account to the other, click some links and it’s finished. Now, coming from Equitable-PCI Bank, there’s no functionality (yet) to pay for my bills from the BDO ATM. (Plus add the fact that I don’t like doing business with these guys.) So I have to withdraw and transfer.

Now that I can ask for a favor from my mom-in-law every month, I think things will start getting paid on time again.

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