My Pucha Incident

I won’t exactly say that I blew it. On the contrary, I found it hilarious – an out-of-the-box presentation, something I’m sure he wasn’t expecting.

I am talking, of course, about my first time to present to the company’s CEO. Yes, I did a nice presentation to the big man himself about the launch of the new website as well as what we’re doing with Multiply.

At first I was telling him how cool the new website is with all the new multimedia features. I showed him the main pages of the three main sections and then told him about the timelines. It went pretty well as there were no comments and I can see that he was looking intently at each of the pages I show in the slide.

This made me so hyped up and excited – which caused my big booboo. As I presented the first thing we did with Multiply, my energy was at its peak that I blurted the word “pucha” when I was describing how active the community was.

The room was silent for about a couple of seconds and then everyone laughed!


Good thing he was in a good mood at that time. And so he asked, “O Pucha! Saan ba galling ang mga ‘yan?”


After the presentation, he asked me where I learned to use that word. He thought all the while that it was an old word already and that only the oldies were using it.

I just smiled.

Ayus! I’m sure I made an impression. Now as to whether Paolo will allow me to present to him again is another question.

Now they call me Mr. Pucha in the office.


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