Feel the Love, Baby!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and it seems everyone is getting ready. When I picked up Karen this morning, the little flower shop at the corner of Katipunan Road is all ready for the big day with big flower arrangements lined up outside the store. PHIVOLCS installed spankin’ new seismographs in the Pasig and Pasay areas to measure the love tremors for tomorrow’s big day. Hotels and fine dining establishments are starting to get fully booked. Of course, the whole Metro is bracing itself for the humongous gridlock.

As for me, I have no plans of going somewhere tomorrow. What I’m planning to do is go to work early so I can leave early and try to avoid the heavy traffic to watch the season finale of The Amazing Race Asia 2. I’ve been following this show since it started that I didn’t even bother watching the latest season of The Amazing Race.

Maybe we’ll go out on the weekend, probably lunch or dinner at a hotel buffet place we haven’t tried.

Feel the love, people. Feel the love.

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