Banco de Oro Sucks

If I can have it my way, I would pull out the company’s account from BDO and put it to another bank that’s more dependable. BDO fucking sucks! They may have a big network of ATMs and they may be connected to other banks’ networks, but it’s useless because they’re offline most of the time.

I went out today to withdraw money but ALL the Banco de Fucking Oro ATMs in the Katipunan area were unable to dispense cash. Now what kind of a fucking service is that?! I even tried on other banks’ ATMs and it won’t work!

If, like me, you’re fed up with BDO’s service and you have no choice because this is where your salary comes in, what you can do is withdraw everything every payday and transfer it to a bank that has better service. It’s very tedious, I know, but if you let your money stay in their vaults, BDO would be using it to their gain and acquire more little banks to spread their lousy service.

Take action now! Join the BDO ATM Sucks Facebook group!

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