Leopard Love: Reason 2

Everything’s so simple, I’m just so amazed, and because of that I’m sounding like an Apple fanboy!

So you shoot videos using Pure Digital’s Flip Video Ultra and you have means to share these on YouTube or Kyte. Now comes the missing link – Apple’s iMovie from the iLife ’08 suite.

It’s so easy that I was able to make a short wala lang movie from the footages I took in Nigel’s birthday party. Granted I still have tons to learn on editing and shit, but to do something like this with just dragging and putting texts blew my mind away. When I showed what I did to my wife, she was so jealous she can’t wait to have her own Mac.

Now if only we had this technology when we were shooting our short film in high school, then Lilim would have been chosen as the class film instead of that silly kidnap comedy.

Check out what I did in my Kyte channel.

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