Going Multimedia

I’ve been going to my friends’ blogs looking for new updates from them when I realized I haven’t blogged for this year. Like Bea, it has nothing to do with the lack of content but more on just plain laziness. So as late as it may seem, let me greet you a Happy New Year and pray that there’s something special in store for you for 2008.

Ever since Charo gave me a Flip Video Ultra for Christmas, I’ve been playing around with it. Took it to a mountain bike ride, did a recording, uploaded it in my Kyte channel and voila! we’re doing video!

Check it out people!

jovanpuyo Channel

Mountain Bike Philippines

Yes, I think we’ll be seeing more videos here for 2008! Heheheheh!

And with this, let me leave you with one more video that will make you hungry. It’s not mine but it’s been going around the office like a 14th month memo!

Don’t you just love Travis Kraft?!

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