Not a Good Day for Science

That’s what Dexter would’ve have said to describe the day I’m having. It’s just half day and already I wish I’m back home instead.

Let’s list down the things that happened which lead me to being pissed:

1. I woke up to realize that I forgot to buy a new plug to replace the one attached to my low-tech water heater that got broken yesterday. I tried to do a MacGuyver. I pulled out my screwdriver and pliers and disassembled the plug of the lamp as a temporary solution only to discover that it doesn’t fit. Too disappointed with the whole shit, I gave up and asked the maid to boil water.

2. We left the house past nine in the morning. I thought we were all game until I remembered about the pictures that I have to bring to Kodak for printing. So it’s back to the house, a 2 to 3-minute wait for the laptop to boot up, data transfer to the thumb drive and shut down the machine.

3. After passing by Banapple to pick up Charo’s orders, I was greeted by the very stressful and chaotic intersection of Green Meadows and Temple Drive. There’s really no sense of order as drivers heading towards Ortigas decided that it’s OK to counterflow and take the the second lane of the opposite direction. And what’s odd is the traffic enforcers don’t mind at all.

4. I dropped off Charo in Globe a little past ten in the morning. Thankfully, EDSA northbound wasn’t too heavy. Then I got a call from her when I was near Megamall. With all the fuzz in bringing the gifts to her office, she forgot to get her laptop at the back seat. So I made a U-Turn and went back to bring it to her.

5. On the way to the office, the guy from Bananatrix was texting me asking for Charo’s number. Now what kind of a seller is that to misplace his client’s contact number? Stressed out, I didn’t realize that I gave him my number instead. Of course, he texted me thinking that I was Charo.

6. I got to the office at eleven in the morning. I was late and I’m not proud of it. I always want to be on time, if not early. For one, it makes me finish more work, but more importantly I want to be a model to my teammates.

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