Another Mutiny. Ho Hum.

So there was a mutiny in Makati. Again. So what?

Trillianes and company walked out from their Oakwood Mutiny hearing in the Makati City Hall and marched to the Peninsula hotel calling for the public to withdraw their support to the government, only to give up when the SWAT teams teargassed the place and had a tank ram into the hotel.

I don’t know what’s on his mind and I don’t want to give anyone ideas but for moments like these, shouldn’t he be ready to fight till the end? I mean, you don’t just call for the ouster of the President and expect nothing from them. Now that there’s a tank in the hotel’s lobby, he instantly surrenders citing that the encounter will endanger innocent lives. What the fuck was that?!

And what’s with his fetish with hotels anyway? Is it the Peninsula’s award-winning halo-halo that made him decide to go there instead? I guess these things will be left unanswered for now.

And so how did the Philippine public react? Let me give you an example – when work was canceled in Makati City, my friends who work there went to the malls to continue their holiday shopping. Yup, hardly a dent. They were actually more pissed when the government declared a 12 midnight to 5 a.m. curfew. That was more of the issue.

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