Round and Round and Round and Round

It’s finally over. Well, I hope it is. And I sure wish I won’t have to go through that ordeal again.

I wasn’t feeling too good last Thursday so I hit the sack pretty early. I wasn’t able to catch the Pinoy Big Brother episode for that day because I think I was in dreamland by nine o’ clock in the evening.

Things were all going round in circles when I woke up the following day. Yes kids, my vertigo is back.

I don’t know what caused it, honestly. My last bout was about five years ago, when they had to take me to the emergency room of Cardinal Santos in Greenhills.

Everything was spinning when I moved. Even with my eyes closed, I can still feel it. It was torture. It was like a never-ending Flying Fiesta ride.

After taking Serc, I had no choice but to just stay in bed and doze it off. Eating was out of the question for I’m sure I’m going to throw it all up.

Things got better the yesterday but I still felt a bit woozy. I was even thinking of going to the Eviction Hall to take pictures of my crush Gaby for the Multiply site but I had to cancel that.

I sure wish things will be better today.

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