Vigan Tidbits

I didn’t even dare taste Vigan’s longganisa but I did try their empanada. Even though it gave me the shits a really bad tummy, it still rocks! It’s different from the empanadas I’ve known. Rather than being just another meat pie, the Ilocos empanada is more like a deep fried taco. Yeah, very tasty baby!

So will this experience stop me from ever trying again? Of course not! I’ll probably try another stall selling them in the town plaza.

* * *

On the last day we went to public market to buy longganisa and bagnet for pasalubong. When we asked the first stall how much is the bagnet, we thought we heard her say that it’s P300 a piece. We only realized that it’s P300 a kilo when we went around the other stalls.

* * *

Coming from Vigan, that Shell Station near the Kennon Junction at Rosario, La Union makes me feel that Manila is already near.

* * *

They should really have a diversion road built so travelers won’t have to suffer the traffic congestion of Tarlac and Urdaneta Cities. They have these in other towns. Why can’t they do it with these two areas as well?

* * *

Here’s a thought – ban the tricycles on the National Highway and travel time will get cut by at least 25%. Not only that, imagine the amount of fuel saved from accelerating to overtake one only to slow down on the next one on the road.

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