Vigan! Vigan!

Tried to do something more exciting with the title, but whatever I do, I don’t think it would sound as grand as “New York! New York!” I was thinking of pushing it a little and do include something like

Start spreading the news.
I’m leaving today.
I wanna be a part of it –
Vigan! Vigan”

but it really sounded horrible. It just doesn’t fit in. Oh well, I guess that doesn’t matter as I think I’ve already conveyed how excited I am for a our roadtrip to Vigan tomorrow early morning.

Now that I’m into Vigan mood, I should recharge the batteries and clean up the memory stick content of the old Sony Cybershot P92. Point-and-shoot or not, I’m planning to take pictures. With a lot of nice stuff there, I think I’d be lucky enough to capture the drama.

The Griffin Roadtrip iPod transmitter is busted and I’m seriously considering taking Connie to Mickey’s Auto Sound later to have an iPod connector installed. I think I’ll call them up and ask how much that would cost.

It’s another three-day weekend. Last week, we spent it watching the DVDs we bought at the Astrovision sale. Now it’s a nice roadtrip to the land of longanisa. Yebah!

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