Astrovision and Sebastian’s Ice Cream

We went to The Podium yesterday after Charo’s officemate tipped us that there’s a big DVD sale at Astrovision. True enough, when we got there, Charo and I bought almost P3,000 worth of original DVDs each! I got myself the Indiana Jones and Back to the Future boxed sets and the better Batman films (read: Non-Joel Schumacher). These are my favorite movies of all time. I also got my niece Mika four Sesame Street DVDs so her parents won’t have a reason for her to watch Wowowee. It’s another long story.

Astrovision’s DVD sale is till the 20th of this month (That’s tomorrow!) so hurry as people buy in baskets.

Sebastian's Ice Cream

Sebastian’s Ice Cream is also one of the reasons why we chose to go to the Podium despite the weather. Even in their soft opening, several people are giving them product good reviews, recommending to their families and friends to try it out.

And try it out we did. After a good dinner at Kimono Ken’s at the top floor, we got ourselves some of their ice cream. Charo got herself a scoop of Macadamia Nut while I ordered Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Mine was nothing fantastic. A little bit of a disappointment considering the build up by friends and the P88 price per scoop. I would even dare say that it’s a tad bit above average at best.

Charo’s order was a different beast altogether. The Macadamia Nut announces in all glory the white chocolate base at the first taste. Sadly, there were not a lot of macadamias in this sampling. Going through the first three to five spoonfuls of the ice cream was great but beyond that and you start to experience what my friend Moby would describe as “the law of diminishing returns”. In layman’s terms, it’s simply umay. The ice cream’s so sweet that you may need a chaser of water to wash it all down. Definitely not a flavor for kids if you don’t want them to go into a humongous sugar rush.

In my opinion, what would bring Sebastian’s down is their service crew. For an ice cream place, the two girls they have there are clearly one of the most unhappy sales people in the whole mall. Ice cream’s a happy food and yet I didn’t see these two smile. I can still try to understand why it takes them three freaking minutes to serve just a scoop of ice cream, but there’s no room for being miss mataray during soft opening as it’s time to build your base.

We were sitting at the couch area enjoying our ice cream at about 9:15 in the evening. They turned off their lights just when a customer was walking to them. When the woman asked if they’re still open, they said that they’re closed.

Too bad. That’s clearly another P88 sale.

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