Just Five More

Just five more scenarios to go. That’s good. Just five more and I’m OK. Just five more and I can submit my internal usability testing to the telco so they can do their turn to test. Just five more.

When you’re doing your usability acceptance testing, you cant help but embed the numbers 222 and 214 to your head. These are your friends. They help you know if the charging is right or wrong. If it’s the former, then you move on to the next scenario. If it’s the latter, you message your technical person to fix the problem.

In terms of user-friendliness, Globe has the edge. All you have to do is text anything to 222 and you get the balance free of charge. On the other hand, Smart is trickier. You have to text ?1515 to 214 to get the balance free of charge. If you want an easier way, you call 1515 but you will get charged P1.00 per call. See what I mean?

As I wait for my technical person to fix the problem, I can’t help but be excited with our four-day vacation in Singapore.

I really appreciate all the feedback I got for the Park N’ Fly facility. I didn’t think a lot of people are using it. Apparently, that’s not the case. So come tomorrow morning, I’ll be parking the CR-V there.

The flight’s at seven in the morning, and for someone who’s excited to go it’s a odd that I’m not packed yet. Don’t get me wrong. I know everything’s all there – passports, tickets, camera, Lonely Planet book, Thermonuclear protection, a couple of pens, ellphone charger and Zagu the iPod. I just have to put them all in my humongous black bag.

So that’s it. Wish me luck as I traverse Orchard Road for the first time and fast forward to my second childhood when I go to the Night Safari. And may God help us all when we visit Ikea.

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