Park N’ Fly Anyone?

As everyone is joining the Singapore trip, there’s no one left in the house to drive us to the airport and pick us up. What I’m thinking now is finally using that Park N’ Fly facility near the airport.

I’ve always been intrigued by it. Whenever I would pass by the area going to the airport and see it, I always wanted to try it out. I saved their number on my cellphone for those just-in-case moments. Of course, I would forget the whole idea until I see the facility again.

Well this time, I finally remembered. So I called the number only to find out that it’s not it. Thank God for Google, I was able to find their website and new contact numbers aside from some information on their service.

I called them up asking for details, and according to the person I talked to on the phone, there’s no booking necessary. All their clients are walk-ins. They charge P313 per day but offer discounts for extended parking periods.

It’s expensive but it sure beats the hassle of looking for someone to drive us to the airport and pick us up in a few days.

Has anyone tried their service? Let me know your experience with them by clicking the comment link and leaving a message.


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